Private Day Tours

Sherpa Holidays start your tour in Nepal with our fabulous  private day tour in Kathmandu,Chitwan & Pokhara.Trip  which combines natural, cultural, and wildlife experiences. Stroll in a medieval streets of Kathmandu full of architectural wonders, make a boat ride in a Himalayan lake or a canoe trip in the dense sub-tropical jungle, or learn to follow the wild-lives in their natural habitat – we’ve combined everything that you are wishing to squeeze out in your short Nepal Tour. Even if your wildest dream is to watch marsh crocodiles sunbathing or you feel like bathing with an elephant in a jungle river – we make it happen in reality. We start the tour from Kathmandu Valley, with its UNESCO World Heritage Site cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Then we drive to Chitwan Jungle to discover why the National Park holds an important place in preserving the wild lives that are rapidly getting extinct from this planet. From Chitwan, we continue our journey to the fantastic Lake City of Pokhara. The trip encompasses some of the most spectaculars natural, cultural, and wildlife splendors of Nepal as well as provides an opportunity to mingle with local people with their ethnic lifestyles.

Sherpa Holidays offers various day tour packages and cost detail can be view in each packages we offer, we enthusiastic welcome to join hands with us for Memorable Day Tour Packages in Nepal.

300 USD

Rafting Journey Over Trishuli

Duration 1 days View Details
400 USD

Glimpse of Enchanting Annapurna

Duration 1 days View Details
200 USD

Longest Free-Fall in the World!!!

Duration 1 days View Details