Ho Yuan Seng & Huxin Teo, Singapore

 Fri Jul,2016

they were more than just guides

Choosing Sherpa Holidays to plan our trip was the best thing that my team ever made for our trip to Nepal. The guides we had, Passang, Jangbu and Dawa, are professional, extremely experienced, and very very easy to get along with.

My team had chosen to go on the Langtang – Yala Peak trip and it was an unforgettable journey for many of us who were first time trekkers up to snow caps. Throughout the trip, they shared with us their vast experiences of mountaineering, taught us important skills like using the ice axes and crampons, and of course, were always just a step behind to tend to our needs. They made sure that the trek was manageable for us, making important decisions for our safety and made sure that we had enough rest and acclimatisation time. When members in the team fell sick, they were quick to assist by carrying our bags and also provide the necessary medication to let us feel better.

At the end of the day, they were more than just guides, they were friends who we came to trust our lives with and whom we will keep in contact with forever. When we return to Nepal in the future, we will definitely trek with Sherpa Holidays again! Thank you for the amazing experience!

  Verity Brighton

 Fri Jul,2016

Best travel holiday i have ever had

My Everest Base Camp trek with Sherpa Holidays was the best trekking/ travel holiday I have ever had. Every part of this trip was seamless, from the travel, to the accommodation, to the trekking. Passang’s local knowledge and contacts ensured we always felt not only safe, but also very much at home in the mountains. He was supportive, encouraging and patient, and was determined to go above and beyond to provide us with the best experience possible. I plan to return to Nepal to undertake further challenges in the Himalayas, and will definitely choose to go with Sherpa Holidays. I look forward to climbing with Passang, who is not only a very reliable and trustworthy tour leader, but who has also become a friend. I cannot recommend Passang and Sherpa Holidays highly enough!

  Ruby Palmer, Queensland,australia

 Fri Jul,2016

Unforgettable Trek…

Sherpa Holidays made the trek to Everest Base Camp unforgettable. Not only were the guides complete experts, but they were extremely friendly, charming and unforgettable. Pasang goes above and beyond to make sure his trekkers are safe and having a good time. I will surely be back soon to trek again with Sherpa Holidays!

  Rickey Patullo, Australia

 Fri Jul,2016

Sherpa Holidays are now my first and only choice when I come to Nepal

My name is Ricky and I recently climbed Mera Peak with Sherpa Holidays. I am from Perth, Australia.

I first met Passang and Pasang back in 2012 when I first travelled to Nepal and did the Everest Base Camp Trek and climbed Island Peak. Passang was my guide and did an amazing job. Later in that year I returned for my second trip after they told me of their new company. I was fortunate to be part of their first trips as a trekking company and I have not looked back since.

My first trip with Sherpa Holidays was the Annapurna Panorama in September ’12. It was a fantastic trip. It was lots of fun trip with great accommodation and nothing at all to worry about. It would make a great introduction trek for those new to Nepal.

My second trip was this April (2014), when I successfully climbed Mera Peak (6480m). This was my most ambitious trek/climb yet but I was paired up with a great, experienced guide who made my trip both enjoyable and safe. It was tougher than most other trips offered but the view from the summit made it all worth it.

I cannot say enough good things about Sherpa Holidays. Both Passang and Pasang will go out of their way to make sure you have the best trip possible and their guides are all experienced and a lot of fun. I guarantee that when you choose these guys for your trek/ climb in Nepal, you will leave with some amazing memories, spectacular photos, and friends that you will have for life.

Sherpa Holidays are now my first and only choice when I come to Nepal and I will be using them again soon for the next mountain.”

  Mitchell Britton , Australia

 Fri Jul,2016

The adventure of my lifetime !!!

In April 2013 i embarked on the adventure of my lifetime with a company called Sherpa Holidays. The adventure was the Everest base camp and Gokyo valley trek over a period of 2-3 weeks in the Khumbu region of the Himalayas. Our trekking guide Passang Geljen Sherpa and his team were highly professional and committed to ensuring that this would be a trip we would value and cherish for the rest of our lives. The team was always up before us in the morning and went to bed after us each night ensuring everything ran like clock work. The Accommodation and meals provided were always great and the trekking spectacular and well paced with a high guide to walker ratio. Passang and his team of guides were great company and happily introduced us to their friends and family along the way which helped immerse us their world for the time that we were there. During the trek they also helped organise a birthday party for one of our members ( chocolate doughnut cake at 3500m ), Assisted with one members marriage proposal to his partner on the summit of Gokyo Ri 5360m ( successful )and introduced us to an Everest expedition crew about to try for a summit attempt, who invited us in for tea at Everest base camp 5364m. Even upon completion of the trek when we were back in Kathmandu the team were kind enough to invite us to a BBQ and teach us climbing skills at an indoor climbing center all in their own time. The average trekking company would not go this above and beyond to please their customers. If you are unsure of which company to choose from then rest assured Sherpa Holidays will provide you with an experience you will trade for no other.

  Mike Downer (Canada)

 Fri Jul,2016

Trip of a Lifetime!

Any trip into the Himalaya in Nepal will be extraordinary.  After all–the scenery is unbelievable, there are religious sites to rival any in the world, there are great cultural experiences to be discovered around every corner, and the people are among the most affable and selfless you will find anywhere.  You could just take a tour from one of the large multi-national corporations, and you will have a great time—but do yourself a favour and consider Sherpa Holidays!  You will get more for your money (more inclusions, better accommodations and a higher level of service), and you will also do more to support the local economy and people.  Compare prices, and you will see that that comparable treks cost less with Sherpa Holidays—then look closer and realize that all the meals and hot drinks while trekking are included, as is a great Kathmandu city tour and dinner, local flights and transportation.  Also, that a very high degree of trip customization is available.  You want coat or walking poles rental, extra days in Pokhara or Kathmandu, trip add-ons, or extra acclimatization days?—yes this is possible.  Oh, and so are little things that they don’t tell you about—like snacks all along the way, and boiled/purified water to drink several times a day (and also can be used to keep you warm at night).  The treks are led by local Sherpa guides who have vast mountain climbing experience and safety/rescue training.


In January 2014, I took the ‘Annapurna Circuit’ trek, led by Passang Geljen Sherpa.  This was my second trip to Nepal—the first was in 2010 to do the ‘Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar’ trek—which was also led by Passang.  The previous trip was amazing, and is also highly recommended.  Nothing has prepared you to walk among the tallest mountains on earth, and to witness the sunrise over Mount Everest!  Passang has since summited Everest, and is the best guide we have ever had for any trip.  When my wife booked us a trip to India, I knew that I could not be that close to the Himalaya without returning to do another trek—and it had to be with Passang.  Sherpa Holidays did a completely private tour, just for me (at no additional cost).  I wanted a good challenge—and I had heard that Annapurna Circuit in winter might not even be possible due to weather.  I asked Passang about this, and he said “the high pass for this trek will likely be closed due to weather, and few people would attempt it in the winter, but we can still do it if you want.”  Music to my ears.  In hindsight, maybe doing the trek a bit later in the winter, after the heavy snow, would have been a better idea.  But I wanted a challenge, and I certainly got one.  With about a foot and a half of snow for much of the trek, it was fairly exhausting.  But going slowly, and walking in my Guide’s and Porter’s footsteps, I was able to complete it.  We met very few other trekkers, and most of these (including one of the large multi-national tour groups) turned back before the high pass at Thorung La.  Passang timed our crossing of the pass perfectly with the weather reports, so that we could cross in good weather and with as little snow accumulation as possible.  The other groups…well, they paid good money for their trips, and must have been disappointed.

From the minute you land in Kathmandu, and are greeted by your smiling Sherpa guide, you will know that you are in good hands.  Accommodations, service, food, and transportation are all impeccable.  Sherpa Holidays has treks and sightseeing trips for all budgets and levels of difficulty.  Just pick the one that calls to you—and prepare to have your life changed forever!

  Melvin Mendoza , California, USA

 Fri Jul,2016

Trekkers Heaven!!!

I trekked up to Annapurna Base Camp with Sherpa Holidays.  My guide was Pasang Geljen Sherpa.  Trekking in the Annapurna region is definitely a trip you must do at least one in your lifetime.  Words or pictures cannot come close to describing what you’ll see and experience during this trip.  Pasang Geljen Sherpa went above and beyond to make this trip one that I will never forget.  Not only was Pasang an excellent guide, but now he is a friend for life.  I highly recommend Sherpa Holidays for your next Nepal adventure.


  Matthew Bruin,Australia

 Fri Jul,2016

Forever grateful to meet our Nepalese guide from Sherpa Holidays,

My wife Nicole and I travelled to Nepal a couple of years ago with the intention of enjoying the wonders of that amazing country. We were fortunate, and forever grateful to meet our Nepalese guide from Sherpa Holidays, Passang Geljen Sherpa, who took us on one of our most memorable adventures ever. As well as being a truly nice guy, Passang was ever helpful, from showing us around Kathmandu, to introducing us to some of his amazing friends,prior to heading off by bus to Pokhara, on our multi-faceted holiday. This part of our Nepa- lese trip included trekking in the Annapurna region, White water rafting and a visit to the Chitwan Wildlife reserve.

We spent four days trekking to Landruk, Ghandruk, then on to Dhampus, spending our nights recover- ing from the day’s exertions in quaint local Tea houses, before heading back to Pokhara. Following the trek we embarked on a bare knuckle white- water rafting adventure down the Seti River before heading to the Chtiwan Wildlife reserve.

I still have vivid memories of one particular night sitting by the Seti River. Our limbs were sore but our bellies were full, from an amazing feast that was prepared by Passang’s assistants using only fresh local produce. Following dinner Passang picked up his guitar, and along with our porters and new friends we spent the evening swapping stories and singing along to Nepalese Folk songs, as well as some of the more mainstream classics. (I recall one of my favourites Hotel California by the Eagles seemed to be played more than once, not only that night but the rest of the trip too!)

Nothing was too much to ask, with any request under- taken with a smile. I would have no hesitation recom- mending Passang and Sherpa Holidays to anybody who wants to experience true Nepalese hospitality and the beauty and wonders of this magnificent corner of the world. My only regret is taking so long to get back there to see more of this wonderful country and catch up with my friend Passang.

  Matt Greenslade, New Zealand

 Fri Jul,2016

The trip was incredible with spectacular views

My name is Matt from Auckland, New Zealand. At the start of 2014 I travelled to Nepal looking to travel through the Himalayas and visit Everest Base Camp.I completed the trek through Sherpa Holidays with Passang as our guide. The trip was incredible with spectacular views, amazing people and it all happened seamlessly.Throughout the trip Passang and his team did everything they could do ensure we had the best experience possible, especially when dealing with weather delays they went above and beyond to ensure it wouldn’t affect our trip. Their experience from trekking and climbing through the region was second to none.

One large advantage I found over many other tour companies was the fact that you get local knowledge that only comes from growing up in the region. Our guides gave us insight, stories and showed us what it is like to grow up and live in such an unbelievable place, the Himalayas.

 When I go back to Nepal in 2015 to climb Island Peak (because one visit is never enough) there’s definitely only one company I would consider – Sherpa Holidays.

  Lindsay Pipen,America

 Fri Jul,2016

I would proudly recommend any of the trips they offer!

I have had the pleasure of traveling with my friends at Sherpa Holidays twice. Once to Everest Base Camp and another trip to Annapunra Base Camp with an ascent of Tharpa Chuli. They are wonderfully engaging guides who hold their clients satisfaction second only to safety. They helped us to immerse ourselves in the culture and make the most of our time in their gorgeous country. Knowing them as I do, I would proudly recommend any of the trips they offer!  Namaste!

  Joaquin Muñoz de Cote , Mexico

 Fri Jul,2016

Sherpa Holidays’ team were amazing

It is hard to describe in a few lines an experience so big and amazing as this one. On April 2014 I made the Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes Trek with Sherpa Holidays and it turned out to be one of the most meaningful and special experiences of my life. The moments, the views, the insight of myself and the experience itself are memories that will last forever. But I think what makes this so special are the people you share it with; and even though I was traveling to Nepal by myself, my trekmates and specially the Sherpa Holidays’ team were amazing. The leader and guides were all very polite, friendly, professional and fun; making  the trip excellent. Thank you very much for everything. Get out there and live it to believe it!

  Gavn Lee, Singapore

 Fri Jul,2016

Genuine in your service and friendship to us!

Other than a few rainforest treks up those Malaysian mountains, not exceeding 3000m, I had very limited experience in mountaineering.. Having witnessed several captivating photos from Huixin’s previous trips in Nepal, I had decided to make this tick off my bucket list in Jan 2014. I was initially quite skeptical due to my fitness level and mountaineering techniques, but still decided to go ahead with the team to scale langtang. To be honest, the trek up an altitude beyond 4000m coupled with the snowy terrain was even tougher than I thought. However, the long treks were only made easier with the ever hospitable porters and 3 awesome mountaineering guides who had an accumulated wealth of climbing experience. It really did not take long for us to forge a brotherly bond with you guys. I guess it is just some unknown Sherpa spirit that you guys have within you that quickly build the trust that we have in you and you guys somehow never fail to put a smile on our face despite the arduos condition we were going through up there. Thank you all once again for being so genuine in your service and friendship to us! Team CCB FTW!!!

  Emma Hataway , Australia

 Fri Jul,2016

Any tour guided by Pasang comes HIGHLY recommended

“In April 2012, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime, to Everest Base Camp. I was incredibly fortunate to have my tour guided by Pasang Geljen Sherpa. Pasang’s english was superior to any other guide we encounter throughout the journey. He was incredibly generous with his time and was an enormous support, providing encouragement and frequently offering his muscle to our bags. Our tour group was intimate with only 4 guests and accompanying Pasang were two assistant guides. Throughout our trip it was evident Pasang was loved by everybody in each teahouse and village we passed. The trip was extremely well organized and we had exceptional accommodation. Any tour guided by Pasang comes HIGHLY recommended. In fact I  will complete the same magical trek with Pasang again!”And Sherpa Holidays would be the best local company to book any of your trips in Nepal.

  David Menegazzo, Australia.

 Fri Jul,2016

the best climbing experience of my life to date

I trekked with Sherpa Holidays to Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lakes & Island Peak in October 2013. They provided the best climbing experience of my life to date. The trek leaders all provided so much hiking knowledge in the Himalayas & provided expert understanding of the entire region. There was never a request too hard for them & they were always willing to go that ‘extra step’ to make sure I was comfortable & enjoying every aspect of the trip. I will never forget this trip & the friendships made with the entire crew at Sherpa Holidays.

I would recommend Sherpa Holidays to absolutely anybody, of any age, that was looking for an adventure holiday they will reminisce about forever.

  Dave Kalman , Sydney

 Fri Jul,2016

the trip of a lifetime

Hi. My name is Dave Kalman from Sydney, Australia and I did the 23 day trek to Gokyo, Everest Base Camp & Island Peak as my 50th Birthday present to myself – Oct, 2013 Whenever we travel, we too easily use the line “the trip of a lifetime” to describe our time away, but experiencing the Himalayas is truly as good as it gets. And when you are at the top of the world you want people looking after you who know the terrain inside and out & can form great relationships with their clients to make the experience as memorable as it should be. Passang and his team at Sherpa Holidays were exactly that for me. There are few holidays where your leader is on call 24/7, but these guys truly are. From the trail to the lodge, they look after everything. And when the weather decides to change suddenly or someone falls ill, they are not afraid to make the hard decisions to protect you. You will always be looked after. To you and your team, Passang, my deepest respect and thanks. I will never forget my amazing Sherpa brothers in the highest mountains in the world. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

  Daphne Chui, Singapore

 Fri Jul,2016

I’d dare say I’d trust them with my life any day

Fun-loving, dependable, genuine, hospitable, and knowledgeable – these are but just some words I’d use to describe the guides of Sherpa Holidays.

Having trekked and climbed with Sherpa Holidays, I’d dare say I’d trust them with my life any day. The guides go above and beyond to take care of their clients – be it making sure that we have the appropriate gear, or constantly checking if we are coping fine for the days’ trek or climb – yet never fail to ensure their clients have a fabulous time in their mountain playground.

A trek or climb with Sherpa Holidays is always one filled with days of enjoyment and I’d recommend Sherpa Holidays to my friends for sure. In fact, Sherpa Holidays is not just a company you’d want to engage – their guides are friends you’d want to keep for life. Without a doubt.

  Dane Kleiner , Australia

 Fri Jul,2016

An experience i will never forget

We did the Everest Base Camp and Goyko Lakes trek with Sherpra Holidays. The trek was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. The Himalayas really is a stunning and unique place on this Earth. The guidance and leadership was excellent but what stood out the most was that our guides became our good friends and we were lucky enough to share the most amazing experiences with them. An experience i will never forget, thank you Pasang, Tilak and Lukpa.

  Brett Parker , Australia

 Fri Jul,2016

Life changing and awesome experience

My name is Brett Parker from the Gold Coast Australia and last year (2013) I trekked with Sherpa Holidays through the beautiful Himalayan mountains in Nepal. Our group trekked for roughly a month, walking through some of the most spectacular ranges I have ever seen. From Everest base camp, Gokyo lakes and then finally to Island peak, the trip was amazing. I was 21 years old when I travelled to Nepal by myself and the team at Sherpa Holidays went above and beyond the call to help the team and myself out what ever the circumstances. Their decision making on safety was impeccable and if the weather turned bad, they always had a back up plan for the days activities. The team at Sherpa Holidays provided excellent knowledge on hiking, mountain climbing, the region and the culture of Nepal. To sum it all up – It was a life changing and awesome experience which I would recommend to anyone. If you love adventure, then you will love doing it with the team at Sherpa Holidays.

  Axe , Singapore

 Fri Jul,2016

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 2010

I have personally traveled with both the leaders of Sherpa Holidays and the trip was nothing short of legendary! Will always remember the fun times we had both on the trail and also at night in teahouses playing crazy card games and laughing like crazy also! Doesn’t matter if you are young or young at heart, you will have a great time trekking with these 2 guys who run Sherpa Holidays.

  Ash Yue

 Fri Jul,2016

They are exceptional in every aspect of the word.

My name is Ash Yue.I had a great time in the Himalaya with Passang and his crew, they are exceptional in every aspect of the word.

I think everyone should travel to Nepal with Sherpa Holidays. You can experience 100% positive energy all day every day. I left the mountains with a new improved perspective on life.

I consider myself extremely fortunate for this opportunity, and will cherish the memories of Nepal forever.. until I return. I will be back!!

  Ali Rasheed ,Maldives

 Fri Jul,2016

EBC Trek with Passang Geljen Sherpa since 2005

“I have known the family of Passang Geljen Sherpa of Sherpa Holidays since 2005, when I filmed a Maldivian trek to Kala Pattar. I returned to Khumbu three more times and always stayed in their lodge in Lukla. I have found Passang and his family warm and helpful beyond the call of lodge-owners and trekking agents. Fifteen Maldivians have, since, stayed with them and many more will do so in the future, because when you’re doing something as physically and psychologically demanding as the Everest Base Camp trek, you want to do it with reputable, reliable, and friendly people. I would always recommend Passang and Sherpa Holidays to trekkers from the Maldives and, indeed, from across the globe; an adventure of a lifetime awaits and you’ll make lasting friendships along the way!”